The story involves two gorgeous nurses who has a common goal to help the men in the fight against Nazis. The event takes place in the 20th century London in 1944. Scarlet is searching for her missing fiancé and lover and prove to the world that she’s got everything to find and bring back Thomas.

Ellie is scared and do not have any clue as to what she is doing in the middle of a war ripped France. Ellie’s story is completely different and she is just acting tough on the outside. Ellie and Scarlet meets Lucy in Normandy. She’s a well experienced nurse than both of them. Lucy is well trained and has chosen the right profession. Lucy is brave and tough, but she cannot convince herself that they will be able to survive this war and get back home alive. War is very cruel and no one cares about all the innocent lives that are lost in war. These women are stuck in the middle of the greatest war in the history of mankind. They have to cross and test their limits in order to survive the cruel and dreadful war.

Their only way of getting back to home alive is to rely and trust each other to escape from the Germans. Ellie, Scarlet and Lucy are all brave. But braveness alone cannot help them survive. It is impossible for them to escape but only if they work together they might stand a chance to come on top. They have to find their loved ones against all the odds and be alive and safe until finding them. This novel will really be a mind blowing experience for history fiction lovers and the author’s way of narration will immerse you deeply into story. The author has given us a perfect combination of love, friendship, bravery and faith.