This novel is praised among the critics as one of the best releases this year. Tess Oliver has given us an energetic, touching and amazing romance novel. There is nothing new and exciting in Butterfield. It is the same still. The tiny town’s pride and fun used to be a Fountain. But now it is just spoiled and rusty. Now it spits out some sort of dirty green water.

Nearby the fountain is the pavilion which was great, once. Now it is similarly pitiful, ugly and rusted. The town is slowly and steadily turning into a souvenir and the local people does not really care about it. Their daily routine is enough problems for them and is busy facing problems of their life. To keep it simple, all are busy earning money. They are just leading their life like a machine, not caring about anything but themselves. They are in a bit of hardship nowadays but they have to pass on everything with a smile.

This story revolves around the main character, Ella. She was on the way to the market in her bicycle and two strangers appeared out of nowhere. They were weird, funny but also appealing. One guy was a huge and masculine person with a stunning smile and the other one has a tail and four legs. As it turns out, it’s just a normal guy with his dog.

But what changes they bought was the only thing that the town needed all this time. The person’s name is Fynn and he is there to bring some of his charms to this black and cold town. Boone is the dog’s name and is also important for the change and to help him. Initially he readies the fountain and he gets to know Ella, the girl on the bicycle. They fall in love with each other. This novel is a wonderful blend of love, failure, hope and better future. Wingman is a perfect novel to describe second chances.