Isabel and Quinn are in love for as long as they can remember. Quinn can be described as a big and handsome man with more testosterone in his body, which any woman can handle. Quinn met Isabel at the age of ten and all he felt was that she is the one and the only woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with. Isabel was not a normal girl. She was gorgeous and stunning. Quinn would do anything it takes to convince her to be his soul mate.

Like most of the love turn out, Quinn was also afraid that sharing his feelings with her will crumble their friendship. So he decided to keep his secret buried with him. But it became a do or die situation for him. Isabel was about to leave him and Quinn had no choice but to tell her the way he feel about her. Although Quinn is good in bed, he has not been with any other girl.

Quinn could never sleep with other woman, having Isabel in his mind. He is waiting for the right chance to prove her that his feeling s is true and serious. Isabel thought of Quinn as her best friend and a person to rely on even is small issues and he was a wonderful person according to him. Quinn has a bad ass attitude but never tried anything disturbing.

Quinn is Isabel’s first love and also feels that their love is everlasting. Isabella regrets her decision to leave to town and move away and can’t shake the feeling of leaving something behind. But she also hesitates that it would ruin everything. ‘Virgin’ is a short and sweet romantic hit which is also nasty and sexy. This novel has no suspense or mystery but is a pure treat to love and lust lovers.