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Thinking Fast and Slow is a leading Self-help book that has taken a lot of the people by their feet. The book gives a balanced insight into the art of thinking. There are two main ways in which our brains can think. Fast and slow. While both modes of thinking are for a specific set of tasks, today nobody can benefit by growing one of these two alone. A lifelong psychologist, Daniel Kahneman predicts and knows that advantages and disadvantages of both the ways of thinking. It is a fundamental work and one has to read this today.


Being a Nobel award winner, Daniel Kahneman brings in a lot of expertise into the book. His lifelong quest in psychology has made him as a great in the field. He explains all the situations with an easy to understand illustration. While thinking fast is what is required for today’s fast-moving world, it might not be the best way to go about your thinking. So, it is advisable to use the slow thinking for a scenario that requires it. The book is filled with anecdotes and imaginary scenarios that are only more than apt for the concept that is being used. Each system of thought has an advantage so, it becomes important to follow the different techniques that Kahneman endeavors to explain to us. Regardless, of the serious tone and the discussion style of writing in the book, it is still a good read. While thinking fast is required in life or death situations, it is better to think slowly when you want to make a living. Such revolutionary concepts are what put the common man in awe of the great.


Contrary to the general belief, this is a psychology book that is not gloomy to read. The author explains the slow thinking and fast thinking clearly and helps us to identify the scenarios which require a specific kind of thinking. Although a self-help book, the language in the book makes it easier for everybody to read. Get the Think Fast and Slow EPUB and make sure that you know more about yourselves.

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