According to critics, Author Kenneth Johnson is a legend and has given us many thrilling stories and is also considered as one of the best writers of our time. His latest bestselling novel is ‘The Man of Legends’ which is a supernatural hit with adventure and romance. This story will make you sit still and immerse yourself.
It is timed at 2001 in New York on the weekend of the New Year. New York is lighted up as usual. Jillian,an young and enthusiastic reporter discovers a shocking truth. He finds an unknown person standing with Gandhi, Grant and Roosevelt in separate photos. He is shocked to find the person un-aged and looking same for 85 years. Meanwhile, on the other part of the town a bold, bright and appealing fellow named Will is dreaming of all the fun he could get from the New Year’s Eve.

He is frequently haunted by his past and he is worried about the secrets he has been hiding. A stranger is after him to kill him, chasing him everywhere he goes with lethal intentions. He comes to know that he is under a man hunt lead by a wicked Vatican emissary and ex-UN envoy. Jillian, William and Hanna’s life changes in the next couple of days who are involved in a horrifying event together.

They have found out a global plot that has been in the work for centuries and they are the only ones to deal with it. The only way to save planet earth is that these strangers trust each other and join hands to defeat an evil ancient curse of high magnitude. This novel ‘The Man of Legends’ is an excellent epic action thriller and also a true page turner. This is also one of the best stories in this category.