Jeff Shaara has focused on the Korean War this time. He is also known as the master of historical fiction. A novel describing the valour and brilliance of the Chinese and the American soldiers is ‘The Frozen Hours’. This war was deadly. This story is based on real incidents which is surely a treat to historical fiction fans.
The North Koreans had a vision to unite the country and turn it into a communist state. So in 1950, they attacked their neighbours in the southern part. The southern part which was vulnerable was aided by the United States troops and the combined forces drove the North Koreans back to their borders. The Chinese forces entered from the peninsula and the Americans ran into a trap. The Chinese managed to move further into the country in November under extreme cold conditions. They forced the allies out of North Korea and beyond.

The war then was in the favour of the North Koreans as US army was driven back. A Brilliant and decisive plan was needed quickly from General MacArthur, who was responsible for the military operations in the war. If he fails, the war would be lost and also Americas influence will be buried along with it. This war has interests globally, but only innocent citizens and soldiers gave their life during the war.

This novel describes about bravery, gallantry and role. Multiple points of view is shown in ‘The Frozen Hours’ which is a great work did by Jeff Shaara. Because other American books or movies claim that the foes of The United States are villains and needs to be wiped out, including an esteemed Chinese General. The author has maintained the truth without being favourable to anyone which is a great treat and is appreciated by many fans who love history.