Ward Larsen is a remarkable writer of epic mystery thrillers. We can say that he is taking it to the next level. This story is timed around the last days of World War II, where the Nazis are losing, but they still have a trump card to change the tide of war in their favour by reclaiming the nation’s most valuable asset. There is a spy in the America’s historical Manhattan project. All that the spy is looking for now is a ticket for his way back.

There is a ferocious guy named Braun, who is a perfect candidate for this job. He is a passed out from Harvard University and is brilliant and cunning. Braun is a natural born killer. The German’s plots have been discovered by the UK intelligence but failed to convince the jerks about how big the threat is. This is why they have decided to hire Thatcher to find Braun and put an end to his schemes. He is one of the best operatives the world has ever known.
Las Alamos is the concentration of the project and it is where Braun is also headed. In July 16, the scientist’s tests results successful and the upcoming days matter the most. A highly intelligent British agent on a mission to save the world, a brutal killer who won’t stop for anything, a German Spy and a gorgeous young woman who are involved in this historical novel will make you feel mind blowing.

The destiny of the planet is at balance and some secrets are better to be kept hidden. These four has to do everything they can to prevail. Love, hatred, patriotism, duty and valor are the main ingredients of this legendary story. Stealing Trinity is an action packed novel by Ward Larsen, who has already made many successful stories. But he did not miss any essence of war on the way and took care to make the story look as real as possible. All these efforts have made this novel a heart thumping experience for the fans of action packed thrillers.