If urban romance is what you are looking for, then you are at the perfect place. St.PierreBoyz series has reached the third instalment and the boyz have just went crazier. They are bordering insanity and the bad guys are more insane than them. It is not a conventional battle between the good and the bad. It is the unlikely fight between the mad and the madder. The whole new ensemble of bad guys just make the story a lot more interesting. The book has everything that you want while being on the streets. Men, money, power, women, sex and a hell lot of drama with a lot more of sex and violence.

St. Pierre Boyz 3

In the third instalment, the boys are met with a daunting situation that they have never witnessed. The gangs are at each other’s throats and the cut throat competition is not going to do them any good. The fight for power and money is the underlying theme but will the rowdy gang of men prevail over their enemies? Is it possible for someone to put down the boyz forever? Is their vagabond lifestyle taking a toll on their lives? This is a fight in which they could not afford to make even one bad move. It is check mate for them.


Mz. Lady P &Mesha Mesh have delivered the street, urban romance book again in this. If you have loved the previous works, then you cannot even think of giving this book a miss but if you have never read this genre this is the best time to enter into it. This is an interesting realm in which blood comes out quicker than money. Here power means everything and you cannot afford to lose the fear that people have on you. In short this is the cold truth of life on the streets that we see every day. Get your copy and immerse yourselves in the hard realities of life.

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