Dorothy Benton Frank is a New York Times bestselling author and she has added all the right ingredients in this mass entertainer. Same Beach, Next Year is a family drama that has everything in it. More so, it is all about life itself. When Adam & Eve, went separate ways, little did they knew that they will again be meeting in an island that resembles a paradise. Although, they are both separately married and live with their partners Eliza and Carl respectively, they still have got feelings for each other. What makes the situation more complex is that Carl and Eliza are getting into a sort of friendship that is fast becoming more than just friendship.

Same Beach, Next year

The new found friendship between Carl & Eliza and the old relationship between Adam and Eve are the only things that keeps them sane amidst turbulent times of life that is filled with lies, loss and heartbreak and all the losses that they go through. As a result, both the couples start to look forward to their yearly reunion. This is what keeps them afloat even in the most torrid storms and floods. Same Beach, Next Year is about the numerous facets of our lives that makes it lively. It is about the retreat of friends who find solace and comfort in each other’s presence.


Dorothea Benton Frank’s latest Same Beach, Next Year will certainly keep you glued to the reading table. If you are a fan of her books this is an absolute must and if you are a newbie to her works, perhaps this book will make you her fan. Do not forget to enjoy the multi-layered work.
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