This is the chapter 3 of a bumpy ride involving the main characters. This story is based on an urban romance and the series is finally going to unfold. When Reese spoke to god the previous time, he got weakened on Sloan’s cot. Did he hear that his girl told that his daughter passed away? Everything will change if the god losses his kid and they have to face severe consequences.

The problem is that whether Reese will be able to find a way out of this hardship. Alexa is behaving unusually. There is no telling that what might happen between the two, as now her man knows everything about her and all about her plot. It is very hard to carry on after a truth of this weight is revealed.

They are at a fast pace in crossing the lines and if they want their relationship to survive, they have to stop immediately and plan the next step in their life. The heat is increasing every moment and even a single wrong step can end in a disaster. Whereas Vasil and Nas are couples, who are the happiest couples in the vicinity and the only ones who realize the truth about life.

Their lovely family is about to be destroyed by an unknown voice mail. Now the perfect couple’s relationship is under stake. Something unexpected is happening and how will you react when the person you trust the most is not true and has been hiding a secret for the whole time. The Plug next door is a fantastic novel written by SOL and has met all the expectations of the fans as expected. This story is really a treat for the readers who love urban novels. All you have to do is to get your own copy and enjoy the story from beginning till the end.