Free Ebook Pines (The Wayward Pines Trilogy, Book 1) by Blake Crouch (EPUB & PDF)


PINES available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by BLAKE CROUCH. Blake Crouch has taken a scary and a thrilling theme that cannot be touched by many. Already a TV series, the book has sent chills down many a spine and has been creating a lot of attention amidst modern readers. Pines is a book about an isolated town called as Wayward Pines and its inhabitants. It follows the journey and discoveries of a Secret Service agent Ethan Burke. The man arrives in the town to investigate the disappearance of a couple of federal agents who have gone missing in the town for some time now. However, he is met with an accident soon and nobody seems to believe him for whom, he is.


Ethan Burke is being cared for by a helpful hospital crew but he finds out that there is something wrong in the town. All though everything seems to be good they are too good to be true and the smell of doubt is rotten in the air. He is unable to reach his wife and kids through the phone. He is intrigued by the electric fence of the town. He can sense the danger lurking just around the corner but he is not sure when it will surface or show its ugly face. With the passage of time, he has embraced the uncertainty but he will not fall without a fight. The sad thing is, he does not know what to fight or whom to fight.


Pines is a nice read and it raises more and more questions before even thinking to give you answers for at least some of them. This intriguing narrative has raised many an eyebrow but you will ever be short of being thrilled. Will the Ethan Burke be able to investigate what happened to them successfully? That is one of the questions that can be answered but will he ever be able to get out of the place? Get your copy of Pines EPUB and unravel the mystery of the Wayward Pines. This is only the beginning and you have two more stories to go even before thinking to get an end to the story.

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