Kelly Elliott has proved the world with this novel that a story can have all the elements of family, fun, action, adventure, passion, sex, crime and yet have a nice feeling to read it. The story is about a SWAT team member Nic and his love interest Gabi. While Nic finds Gabi to be the perfect women that can complete him, Gabi is running away from her past. It is impossible to run away from yourself and the poor girl is yet to know that. This is when Nic ventures to drag her away from her past but the girl is hysteric as she feels that her past can pull him too inside it. Yet again she runs away from him. Only With Me, is a great story that can make you feel confident about a day of work.


Nic is from an orthodox Greek family and his mother does not approve of the girl easily. She wants to establish the lineage that Greek is far better than a Roman! With Italian lineage Gabi is pulled in time and again to her dark past which she refuses to stay in. While the spat between the two important women of his life is petty, Nic confronts a pretty big task. The task of tackling with the past of Gabi. Saving her means rescuing her whole family from a very precarious position. This might put his position in the SWAT team at a risk. When faced with such a surmounting task, will he be able to get the better of this situation?


Kelly Elliott has yet again succeeded in keeping you awake all night. What reveals itself is a story that can satisfy almost everyone with the right amount of action, adventure, love, passion, thrill, family sentiment and more love. Only With Me, will infuse in you a new sense of happiness and confidence when you face life. If things can get better for someone with a dark past like Gabi who have been running it for six long years, life can sure have a nice meaning for all of us. Get your coy today and be ready to burn the midnight oil.
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