Lost In Between by K. L. Kreig (EPUB & PDF)


K.L. Kreig is back with her latest novel. As of every other novel of hers’ this is also a romantic novel riddled with passion and full of love. So, when Willow, the lead lady, accepts for an amount of $250,000/- for acting as the girlfriend of Mr. Shaw, she did not think of the consequences. In fact she did not even think about the hazards of the work. The hazards of the work included but not only limited to touching, kisses and sessions of passion and last but not the least falling in love with the employer himself.


Willow accepts the money as she direly needs it. However, she finds herself in a peculiar position where she would do the things that she was employed for without even getting the money. She started to fall for the wealthy Mr. Shaw but she still has a part of her in her past. Even Shaw finds it hard to not fall for her. At this point of time, maintaining the professional integrity is something at which, they both are not good at. As she gets closer to him, she is reminded of the fact that she is still loved by someone else. Now, she has no clear way. No matter which way she goes, it is going to hurt for sure. After all, life is not all about rosy business deals. She knows it is going to hurt and she is ready for it but the question is, who is going to get hurt? Whom to be with. The ensuing battle becomes the rest of the story and who gets the girl or who gets what is what forms the rest of the story.


If you have already read K.L. Kreig, then you need no introduction about her or about her works However, if you have never tasted this, you should be reminded of the fact that, it is as good as it gets. It has got love, passion, emotions and a lot of raw sex. The eroticism in the novel can keep you up for nights to come. Grab a copy today and enjoy the pleasure of reading this book. Lost in Between is a simple lost in the work story, though the work is not the kind of one that we do every day.

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