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LEVIATHAN WAKES  available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by JAMES S. A. COREY James S. A. Corey has made a killer deal with this book and Leviathan Wakes is an interesting science fiction that can keep you occupied. Now a major TV series, the book is the first one in the Expanse series. Set in the future world, when humanity has colonized the solar system, the world of Expanse is every bit as dark and unforgiving as the world of the day. Unfathomable technological advances have not solved the problems of the earth even an ounce. Instead, it has only degraded the condition of people who are poor and helpless. Oppression is still continuing in a different form and the belters or the people who are out of earth are made to work and live in deplorable conditions.


The continuing oppression and other forms of cruelty like poverty and hunger have only made the fabric that holds the humans together light. There is nothing that is going to hold them in the imminent threat the solar system is facing. However, it is not yet time to face the external threat. There are a huge lie and a cover-up that is holding the status quo together. Now it is being under threat from a captain of the ship and a brash police officer. As they are searching a lost girl, they find that the cover-up is slowly surfacing but is the lie all too important for the survival of humanity? Or is there an ulterior motive for the lie to be perpetuating? Whatever be the course of actions of these people, one thing is certain that life will not be the same for anyone. In fact, the order is changing fast and for sure.


The book will take you for a roller coaster ride in the space. It is one of the best science fiction novels written in the recent past. With a lot of more understanding amidst the people, the novel will only catch more steam in the coming times. Moreover, the TV series has fuelled more interest in people. So, get your copy of Leviathan Wakes EPUB today and start to have the read of your life. Remember, it is only the first in the story.

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