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THE LAST STAR available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by RICK YANCEY. If you have never read The 5th Wave series, then chances are that you have been living under the rock. One of the most read series in the world, The 5th Wave is coming to a dark, intense climax that the story needs. Rick Yancey has pulled it again and this time with more finesse. No wonder this book has been one of the bestsellers. The stage has been set, the stakes are high and so is the chaos and confusion. The book is riddled with a lot of questions and there is only one way to find it. Who is the real villain here? Is it the humans or the others? Are the earth’s curse or they our salvation? The questions can be confusing but they are the ones in the mind of Cassie and the 7.5 billion people in the world.


Who is the real enemy is the question that everybody hopes to find the answer. There is an end coming and it is very near. Are the humans prepared for it? Are the others? But the wretched smell of betrayal and treachery is omnipresent. Can they come to terms with the fact that this is the end? The end can bring the best in us or maybe the worst in us, however, it will show the best of us to the others and the vice versa. Can humanity save its humanity and sanity during this troubled and horrific time? Will humans try to save themselves and live or will they rise above it and try to save everybody? The latter option has a very small chance of success but that is what it takes to be human. This novel is a fitting climax to such a heavy and intense subject.


Get your own copy of The Last Star EPUB and catch the story. It is a heavy read but a worthy one. If you can muster the courage that you need to read the book, you should not wait. Hurry up and know what is heading in the way of humanity.

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