Kush and Niyah 3 is the third installment in the series by Tyneesa. There are huge amount of fans for this series. In this chapter, the characters will have to go through more struggles and challenges to live their dream. Shaniyah is almost at the edge of a cyclone and there is no other person to trust but herself. All the personal secrets are out which tells about Nesha her ex best friend and Kush, her boyfriend.

Shaniyah has trouble accepting the truth but also has no proof to deny it. She is betrayed by Nesha, completely destroying her trust and Niyah cannot be her friend anymore. But it’s a different scenario with Kush. All she needs is the inspiration and motivation to forgive Kush. Niyah tries to be a better person, but the people around her poisons her, not to trust Kush by giving him a second chance.

Niyah thought of Kush as everything to her and now she has decided to breakup with him. It will be very hard for Niyah to adapt to her new surroundings. On the other hand, James refuses to be the father of the unborn child with Liz, because of which she considers him worthless. James also does not allow Liz to find a man to take that responsibility and becomes insane by telling her to abort the child using the 500 dollars that he had given.

James does not realize his mistake and all that Liz wants is to be together with James and live a better life with James as a good person realizing his responsibilities. The story now clings on to James whether he will be responsible or the child has to pay for what James has done so far. This moment is the crucial time, where their decisions will shape not only their future but also the child’s future.