Jenika Snow has come back with a killer punch that can quench your thirsts for an erotic novel as much as it kindles the fire in you. If you are a fan of adult novels, then Jenika Snow is no new name to you. Kilt Me, is a story of an affair between the replacement or substitute teacher of Alastair McGowan and his student Molly. While the whole class is attracted by the manly charms of Mr. McGowan, he was able to resist all the naughty glares and eye signs but he was immediately pulled by the innocent looks and actions of Molly. The story advances on the advancements that both the characters make on the other. It is a bumpy ride which includes a lot of passionate encounters that can arouse you even in the middle of the day.

Kilt Me (A Real Man)

When Mr. Alistair enters the class with his steaming hot ripped body in a small Scottish Kilt, the whole class was astonished by his manly looks. He was an immediate favourite among the pupils and everybody longed to have those extra hours of special class. However, his pick from the lot was the young Molly. Her curvy structure and the beautiful green eyes were the dream of every man which was now for the taking to Mr.McGowan. Their affair was forbidden by rules but they were neither deterred by it nor were they ashamed of it. This raunchy story explores the passionate encounter between two persons who wanted the other more than many things in life.


Jenika Snow has once again struck the correct chord with Kilt Me. It pulls all the right strings in the reader and it is an overall entertainer for you on your lonely trip. It can be a good companion even on your honey moon trip. This is a real page turner and it will sure make the mercury rise in your body.
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