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If you have ever read Margaret Atwood, then there is no need for you to read any further. Simply get your copy and immerse yourself in this masterpiece. In the extreme case, that you have never read Margaret, you can start with this. Although her works are very interesting and transcend beyond boundaries, this is one of the outliers which should be at the very top of her works. It is a part science fiction and part fantasy while it can easily be related as a commentary on the contemporary life. The premise of the plot is Gilead, where the United States of America, once stood. In future, the country as the world knows it is no more. America paves way for a totalitarian state where the oppression is multifaceted and is everywhere. The elite of the country takes advantage of ordinary people in Gilead. The story moves through the perspective of a Handmaid, Offred.


Offered is an ordinary handmaid and all that she wants is a peaceful life but that is something that eludes not just her but the majority in Gilead. Social unrest is at an all-time peak and the state uses it as a pretext to unleash a Leviathan over the people. Society is in chaos and rebellion are put down in haste and with contempt. Anyone and everyone can be a target but no one would care to do anything. With a grueling government and environment, people have lost interest in living itself. Let alone procreating and bringing a new generation to the world. The government considers everything that is said in the Genesis is truth and no one can dare defy it. The increasingly harder life of Offred moves with the tide but is that all?


Among all her works, The Handmaid’s Tale would certainly be one of the novels that will withstand the tests of time. The narration is captivating but the sheer expectation and suspense of the story can keep you up for nights together. This can also be considered as an early warning to the people, about what will happen if the present snowball is not stopped. Download The Handmaid’s Tale EPUB and enjoy your evenings.

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