Stephen King is a well known writer and is famous for horror and thriller genre novels. He has been giving us wonderful stories for years and has never failed to impress his fans. All his stories are first class and successful. ‘Gwendy’s Button Box’ is yet another treasure for his fans and others too. No one can resist buying a copy of their own. Stephen King always delivers the best of the genre and all the fans will have a nail biting experience.

This story takes place at Castle Rock, a tiny American town pretty far from the mainland. The occupants of this settlement have seen various mysteries and horrible events but what is going to come is something that no one has ever seen. There are three ways to reach castle view and Suicide stairs is one of them.

Gwendy, a 12 year old child used to climb those stairs daily. She loved the view from the top and also looks at other children playing at the bottom. She could also see some kids practising for their upcoming important basketball game. One day, an unknown person came towards her and the man wanted to talk with her. The man was wearing a good looking white shirt, a black pant and a typical black coat.

The man was also wearing a stylish hat, which caught Gwendy’s attention instantly. What does a strange man want from an innocent child like Gwendy? Get and read your copy now to find out how Stephen King has sculptured this novel and it is sure that you will be excited. Gwendy’s button box is a fantastic thriller and will surely get into your nerves. The Authors speciality is that you cannot guess what will happen next and will be glued to your position until the end.