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Paula Hawkins has shown the world why she is a master storyteller. Her intricate way of narrating a story and making it unexplainably wonderful and thrilling is a gift that only a few other authors have. In The Girl on the Train, she has taken a relatively simple girl, Rachel and exposed her to a small incident while she was passing on a train. The narrative of how that small incident changes the life of her and that of the others completely is what the story is about. Rachel and her creator are sure to be in your heart for a long time to come.


Rachel, the protagonist’s life is a relatively simple thing. She boards the same train daily and goes to her work. The scenery that she sees and the people that she is able to meet or even look are all the same. She even names them as per her whims and fancies. She has already named one Jess and Jason, whom she meets at a distance daily. The incident and her reaction to what she saw has literally changed the course of her life. Now the police is behind her for the simple reason that she confided to them about what she saw. This affects everyone in her life. The story is about how she is coping it.


Paula Hawkins has spun a great classical novel that revolves around the seemingly simple life of Rachel and has shown the world how everything that you hold dear inyour life can become a worthlessthing in a matter of minutes. Rachel will ring a bell with every normal challenge that once housed in her partner’s life. You cannot put down the novel after starting to read it. It is for this reason that the book is something that you have to read. Ultimately, you will be torn between the realities of life and the realities of the story.

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