Mariko has been struggling due to inequality for her entire life. She is the daughter of an influential and a renowned Samurai. She is a good alchemist like her kin. Her future is not in her hands as she is a girl and it is already set. Mariko got engaged with a boy in a high ranking family just at the age of 17.

She is getting married for a political merging and there is no love or anything else. Her marriage will help her father to climb further in the society. Black clan, a dangerous group of thugs attack her convoy on the way to reach her man. Soon she comes to know that they were hired to kill her before reaching her destination.
Mario escapes and instead of running away, she goes with the clan, disguised as a regular boy, so that she could find out who is behind the plot to kill her. This is a risky move and she needs fortune on her side and should outsmart the bad guys. Her talent and braveness allows her to earn a name for herself in the group. On the other hand she also falls in love and the things she thought was right was not what she imagined.

Mariko’s life, fate and fantasy, all confuses her and she is the only one who can sort it out and realize about her life and needs. This action charged history adventure fanstasy. This book written by Renne Ahdieh is a treat for the readers who love this genre.
‘Flame in the Mist’ is without doubt a wonderful entertainer for teens and youngsters. It has all that you need in a romantic novel. Actions, love, suspense, betrayal, all are mixed together in the perfect story. This is surely a mesmerising novel for the readers.