This novel is an exciting thriller. Helen Slavin has did a great job in giving us one of the most successful horror thrillers. The main character in the story is Annie, who can see dead people as if they are alive. And for some absurd reason, all of them are dressed in brown. She was able to see and speak with the dead as long as she can remember.

She can’t see her man when he just vanished into thin air. As she cannot see him she still believes that he might be alive. But she cannot just sit and wait for his return. There is nowhere to start and nobody to ask. The only thing she can now do is to sort out from her mother’s huge line up of lovers and search for the only man she cares about.

There are a couple of things she needs to find initially. A strange girl always sits by the beauteous lake, who is she? And a lady got lost but her sister never lost the faith in finding her. What happened to her? She finds out that many of the dead persons have the same name, Jim. If Annie wants to find her husband and bring him back to home, then she must unlock the answers to all these questions.

It is really not an easy task. She needs to be strong and willed to win over this situation. She is used to take care of many hardships and this is one of them. This story is a fascinating thriller involving ghosts. The Extra Large Medium gives the readers a fast paced and otherworldly experience with a strong and riveting narration. This also involves kindness and love which is a rare aspect to expect in a horror story. This is a must read edition for horror thriller lovers.