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ERAGON available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI. When you read Christopher Paolini’s Eragon, you will be utterly confused when you think which one is better. Is the author who wrote this great book or is it the book that was written by a fifteen-year-old? However, one thing is for sure, you will like the book more and more with every page. The story is a textbook paper torn out of the perfect recipe for a fantasy novel that thrills, kills and amuses everyone. Of course, the story has dragons, mystical powers, Dark Age and middle age European landscape on which the story is set. Of course, it has an evil lord who prevailed over others by treachery and the rules by an iron fist and keeps his control through wreaking vengeance upon his opponents and those who dare to stand against him.


Long before the birth of the protagonist, Eragon was the age of the dragon riders, who ruled by love and protected the people from the dangers. Dragons were key to these riders and everything collapsed when a scheming Galbatorix managed to overthrow the riders. His reign is a harsh and unforgiving one. It is where the young Eragon is born. He is the one who likes to be aloof when he is not supporting his uncle Garrow and the cousin Roran. Even this smooth life has come to an end when he accidentally stumbles upon a seemingly precious stone. He decided to trade the stone off and live with the money he could make from it. But as destiny would have it and as the destiny of all the people would want it, the stone is not an ordinary one and in fact, it is not a stone at all but a dragon egg. The dragon hatches and after hearing the story about the riders, the excited Eragon, names the dragon as Saphira and grows it


Christopher Paolini has kept surprises and thrill all over the story. As the lead pair grow up, they are together on their journey that can change the fate of the kingdom. They are on a journey to oust the evil king. Will they succeed or is it too much for the young boy? Get your copy of the Eragon EPUB and start on a journey that will take you to four more books.

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