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Sabaa Tahir has hit the gold with her book An Ember in The Ashes. The book received international acclaim and fame. It is a best-selling novel which has set records of sorts. The story is about a couple of people who are living normal lives in a fantasy world. The world that they live in are cruel and unforgiving. Laia is a commoner who has to live her life in servitude to the rulers of the land, while Elias is a soldier who has to protect and die for the well-being of the same rulers. Laia finds her way up to the academy of the land and that is where she meets, Elias. Long proclaimed as the best of their soldiers and who has made more advances for the rulers than anyone can remember, Elias is now a disillusioned warrior, who will do whatever it takes to see the empire that he has helped to build fall.


When Laia’s brother is taken away for the crime of treason, she has nothing else to do but to forge an unlikely alliance with the rebels. After she gets into the academy, she starts to play as their spy in the city. However, she is also drawn to the elite soldier Elias. It is in their love that they find that they both want the same thing. A life of peace and freedom and above all, the fall of the regime that has taken away everything from them. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, the duo ventures to achieve the unfathomable. To bring down the cruel and ruthless regime. Unafraid with the death penalty, they both have something else to lose. Unaware of their intimacy and love, they both realise that there is an Achilles’ heel for them. Their mutual love for each other. Will they succeed to do the impossible or will they go into the abyss, unknown to others?


If you have not already read this book, then you will find it an absolute thriller which will always keep you on your feet. There is literally no stopping when you start to read this novel. All the treachery, deceit, mistrust, violence and power are intricately bundled together with the love between the protagonists and An Ember in theAshes EPUB will not let you sleep, even after finishing the story. The characters are so captivating that you will not want to part from them.

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