Dog’s way home is a book written by w. bruce cameron available in Epub and PDF format. This novel is a big time movie hit taken by the Hollywood. ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ was written by W. Bruce Cameron and is a big hit worldwide. ‘A Dog’s way home is a fresh installment from the Author. A cute and adorable puppy jumps right into the hands of Lucas and he is excited about it. Lucas stays with his mom in the apartments, where having a dog is against the rules. But he does not want to leave the dog helpless.

The dog’s name is Bella and the bond between Lucas and Bella are unbreakable. But hiding Bella from the neighbors is getting harder day by day. So he decides to take her to the VA and to give a chance for her to enjoy and love the world. But happiness does not last forever. Animal control finds the dog and tries to take away her as that breed is not allowed in Denver. So Luke is forced to send her to a foster home.

Now Lucas has enough time to think and make up a master plan to keep her safe. But Bella is not patient enough to wait for Lucas. And Bella starts her journey towards home. She has to go through the rough terrains of Colorado which is 400 miles long. There are unexpected things that are waiting in the path for Bella. But she does not stop on the risky path and proceeds towards her home.

This story is another evidence to prove that a Dog is the Man’s best friend. The author has narrated the story in a gripping and riveting manner and also reminds us of the love that a dog can share with humans. If you are a fan of the previous hit by Cameron, then there is no doubt that this installment will amaze you. This is a heart touching novel for the pet lovers and even for the persons who do not raise pets.

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