Free Ebook The Doctor’s Fake Marriage by Amy Brent


Evan is a smart and handsome doctor and the entire nurse at the hospital fantasizes about him in all the 30 ways that they can. He is also the type that preface fun over relationship and not used to commitments. One day he is caught doing it with an intern which lives m no other way but to marry her. Amy Brant has made it a passionate encounter and you will be able to feel the rising temperature even when reading it.


It is true that he is really dark and will do anything to get what he wants. The intern’s name is Harbor, who is entirely different and challenges him that she will change him for good. It is very hard for him to control every time she walks into the room and it’s becoming a real headache. All that she wants now is to make her scream his name.

He gets a chance as his chief tells him to take her to a weekend workshop and of course he would not resist. She is sexy and equally innocent and he expects that there is a dirty and nasty beast inside her that is waiting to explode. She is also dressing according to the textbook and wears naughty spectacles that make the doctor go mad.


Finally, when he gets caught, Evan is left with two choices either to marry her or say goodbye to the hospital and his future career. He has also got cute little girl at home who is depending on him so the only option for him is to marry the gorgeous intern and make his way out of this mess. The doctor’s fake marriage is a wonderful novel from the author with the perfect mixture of romance and Chemistry. Everyone likes to read a novel about a single handsome dad and sexy virgin whose story is complete erotic.

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