Free Ebook Darkly Dreaming Dexter: Dexter Morgan by Jeff Lindsay (EPUB & PDF)


DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by JEFF LINDSAY. Jeff Lindsay has made bad to look good. As a matter of fact, not just bad as good but as great. The story is now a successful TV series that has attracted a viewership of millions. The story is about a guy called Dexter who works in the Miami Police department as a bloodstain pattern analyst. He is a normal police guy who works for the safety of the people by solving crimes along with his department. However, he has a dark side. The one which unleashes the killer in him. Although he murders people, his victims are carefully selected people who are all guilty of one or the other heinous crime. He is a ruthless killer but with a good conscience.


Dexter finds no pleasure or pain in killing but he relishes the fact that he is making the streets safer by killing one bad guy at a time. His pastime can be considered as brutal and horrendous by many but he believes ends justify means and he is ready to take the road less traveled by those people who want to make a change in the society. However, there is some problem. Dexter is faced with murders that closely resembles the one that he commits. He is perplexed initially but he is angered and more rightly frightened. Is there someone as good as Dexter himself or is it the work of another evil genius whose intentions are crueler? The answer is possible only if he tries hard to find it but it might even expose his personal hobby. The chips are high but there is no time to think. He must act soon.


Jeff Lindsay has created a hero – anti-hero – hero kind of character that is way up in the league of characters that are so bad that they are so good. Whether you like the ways of Dexter or not you will invariably fall in love with the character as he is a bit of evil and a bit of good and hence a bit of both. Get your copy of the Darkly Dreaming Dexter EPUB and buckle up, because the ride is going to be bumpy and scary.

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