Modern day teens are very fond of historical fantasies. Some Authors are taking this genre to a higher level and Evelyn Skye is one of them. This novel is one of the intriguing, grasping and enchanting ones. Evil is growing along with magic as the time passes. Russia is targeted for huge changes.

Vika, a sorcerer is obliged to her duty. Pasha, the heir is about to be crowned and her task is going to be difficult than she could have ever imagined. Some rumours are around Pasha, stating that he is not an appropriate king and he is trying all his best to handle those rumours. He has to endure the loss of his best friend and also prove himself to the girl who neglects him as a person and to gain her trust.

Magic is used all around the country by some people to steal the throne away from Pasha and it is turning out to be a big headache. It is Pasha’s duty to maintain order and control chaos in his kingdom. Now it is up to Pasha to survive the odds and make sure that his people and kingdom has a bright and wealthy future. This is not about being a good or bad king and not about freedom or justice. It is pure survival.

Nikolai did the unthinkable and cheated death. Now he is against his own devils. He’s living in a fake shadow world all alone by himself. There is a huge prize for his way into the real world. It is up to him to decide whether it is worth or not to return to the reality. Is the kingdom has to survive, and then only these three together can accomplish it. They have to fight united and with motivation in order to protect their kingdom. We should praise Evelyn Skye for giving us this wonder full nail biting novel which is a true page turner.