Come Sundown is a thriller drama that has all the right elements of love, romance, family, horror, suspense in it. The story revolves around Bodine Longbow and the family property of Bodine resort. When horror grips the property in the form of successive deaths around the family property, the original owner of the property, Alice comes back, and surprises everybody in a mixed way. What she says and what transpires after that is a story of love, deceit, suspense. Her story alone is full of suspense and the story of Bodine Resort is only much more complicated.

Come Sundown

Bodine Longbow, the caretaker of the Bodine resort has been taking care of the resort for as long as anybody can remember. Well, almost everybody. She had heard about the story of Alice, her aunt who used to be the in the resort, who has now found her life and destiny at a different place or hasn’t she? When the perfect Montana resort for tourists comes under flak for the number of bodies that end up in the place, the long dead aunt returns. She is not alone but with her stories. Stories not just about her but about the whole family and also about the impending threat to the family members and the property. Can the Longbows prevail over the threat that they are about to face?


If you have read Nora previously, then the question of whether is this a worthy read or not is a no-brainer. The author has yet again proved the world, why she is one of the best in the industry and why she is a New York bestselling author. The book will be a riveting read that you will not wish to put down before completing.


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