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Paula McLain the New York Times best-selling author of The Paris Wife is back with her latest novel which is based on the true life story of the legendary aviator, Beryl Markham. Beryl was the first woman to aviate the Atlantic all by herself. Set in the early twentieth century, the novel traces her story in Kenya. Paula has made justice to the great effort that is required to tell the story in a convincing style. The story is not just about telling the historical facts as they were. Paula has also endeavored to probe into he heart of a woman, who far before the world. This is a nice read and you would not be bored for a moment. Unlike conventional biographical work, the book explores the least concentrated side of hers. Her heart, her loves and her priorities in life.


Long before becoming the legendary aviator, Beryl was a humble girl who was born in England but she was raised or to be precise, she grew up in Kenya. Her childhood days were not taken out of a fairy tale but that is what have made her as the daring beauty, she was. Her relationship with her friend, Karen Blixen, who was more of a maternal figure to her and her inspiration Denys Finch Hatton is explored in this piece of work. However, the things that she values like the Kenyan outlands, horses and freedom all play an important part in the novel. Left to fend for herself and with little help from others, she grew to be a strong woman who trained horses. The book explores the string of short lived relationships that had given her solace, even if only for a very brief period of time.


Paula McLain is a compulsive writer, who makes it impossible to ignore her works and this is no exception from her previous works. While Beryl makes her own way and stands by her conviction in doing what she did, not many will be happy to read in to the scandalous relationships that she have been into but at the end of the day, it is what she was. She was not just the flowery woman that the world relishes. She live a complete life that was fulfilling for her in many senses. Find the Circling TheSun tuebl and read the story of this forerunner of modern times.

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