This is a fresh and sexy novel for the ladies, written by Rachel Van Dyken, who has given us many international hits. Austin is kind of a domestic fella, who is happy spending his time watching Netflix, something to eat and with the loved one. He cheated on her and her entire life has changed now.

He moved away from her like it was her fault that he committed all the sins. She has to avenge herself in order to keep head active and pass through this rough period of her life. All that she can do now is to see him suffer for his mistakes and it gives her the motivation to move on. Thatch is the person and he is the sole reason for destroying all the good things that she considered precious in her life.

Thatch is a renowned plastic surgeon who is also a ladies’ man. But the truth is that he moved away from Austin to protect her. Where’s the logic in that? It is true by the way and what he did may be odd. But he is still not ready to give up on her and the same can be said about Austin.

Austin forces him to give her a whole tour to prepare a human interest piece as soon as possible. Soon after they begin to work together their relationship starts to bloom again. But still Austin does not know the complete reason of Thatch leaving her. Thatch is worried that if she knows the truth, then his second chance will also be ruined. Love is the only thing that can help them now to fight against the tragedy and come out to live the life peaceful as it was before. ‘Cheater’s Regret is a marvellous romantic novel about second chances in love with all the ingredients expected in a lustful story.