Caveman is a romantic novel written by one of the prominent faces in this genre of books. Jo Raven is a no newbie to the genre of books and the fact that she is one of the USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors is a testimony to her craft. The latest story revolves around the romance between a macho man, Matt Hansen and his babysitter Octavia. Babysitter and employer! That sounds like a killer recipe for an erotic novel, doesn’t it?Yes, it is. Caveman tells about the kinky tales between the duos. It has care, love, passion, sex and everything in between these. The unlikely passion between an unruly man and a timid, yet lovely girl forms the rest of this raunchy story.


Caveman: A Single Dad Next Door Romance

Matt Hansen is not just a mechanic. He is the male chauvinist kind who has no respect for the women kind. Nevertheless, he wants the help of Octavia for taking care of the kid. Similarly, Octavia has no other way but to babysit to earn the money that she direly needs. However, things change soon and Octavia is attracted towards the unruly nature of this man who is bound by nothing. What ensues in the rest of the story is a scintillating romance that can keep your senses elevated throughout the story.


A word of caution. Do not read this story, at your own loss. You will be missing a lot of action, passion and love when you take a miss to this novel. Jo Raven has shown once again, why she is a great author of romances and also why she is a best-selling one. Caveman is something that you cannot keep down. Even if you finished reading it once, you will be already ready to read it all over again!