Free Ebook The Billionaire’s Bride by Nikki Chase (EPUB & PDF)


The Billionaire’s Bride is a romance novel written by the famous Nikki Chase. The story is about the love, romance and passion between a couple who are separated by life and who happen to meet after seven long years. It is a story of the battle between love, money, life, revenge, pain and pleasure. The first boy she ever kissed, had sex and fell in love is Zeke. He is the first person that she ever fell for. He is a playboy and fooling around him is not a smart move. But you cannot control yourselves all the time can you? As it turns out they broke up and after 7 years he comes back with a business proposal for her.  To close a huge deal he wants a wife by his side.


He offers her money and compromises her that she won’t regret the decision.  This is really an awkward situation but Ali still feels the moment when he dumped her. It is just an arrangement which is nothing more or nothing less but for Zeke it is not so. Zeke wants more from her then just to be a fake spouse. This guy is known as Mr. Harris, a young billionaire who built an empire from nothing on his own and this is according to the outside world.The guy is smart handsome rich and Powerful.  He also has the charm that any woman could fall for.  He is a Badass and also the most eligible bachelor in the town. As far as Ali is concerned the Man is just a maniac who left a wound on her heart. While mum and daddy were away he used to sneak into her room to show her what it really meant to be a big girl.


Ali is confused and doesn’t know how to react to his proposition.  She is in a dilemma weather he is a different person now who will be on her side forever or he is the same old Badass person who does not like any commitments.  For the fake marriage he promised to give her one million dollars and another million if she gives him a baby.  This sounds crazy right.  But it also sounds tempting.  This novel is a great mixture of romance and humour. It has many erotic moments with great expression of Chemistry between the main characters and Nikki has nailed it once again with this novel.