Allie and Bea is a wonderful coming of age novel available in PDF and Epub that says about the story of an unlikely duo who end up on the road, running away from all that they had ever known. The story covers about the life of Bea, a widow who has lost almost everything in life. The only things that she has got with herself are the old van that she drives, which is almost half empty and a cat. As she embarks on the road trip to the ocean, she meets the other protagonist of the story, Allie. Allie is a 15-year-old girl, whose parents have been imprisoned. After their imprisonment, Allie ends up in a group home. As time moves on at a snail’s pace, her life is brought down the road of danger when a psychotic resident threatens her life. Beaten and bruised by the realities of life, Allie, runs away from the home, only to meet the equally beaten up Bea.

At first sight, neither of them are in a good speaking situation and their relationship does not start in flying colors. However, as they travel towards the ocean and as they meet up with new people, they realize that not all is lost in this life and there is still hope. Both start to enjoy the company of the other and soon they start to grow fond of each other. The rest of the story deals with the various situations and people that they come across and what transpires is a wonderfully written warm feeling work of literature that can bring a nice feeling in us.

Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel is definitely not one of a kind novel as there many other stories that deal with a similar plot. However, what makes her work special are the facts that the progression of the story, simple style and straightforward and honest words are unique in many ways. If what you need is to read a nice feeling novel, then buy and read your copy of Allie and Bea today.

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