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THE 5th WAVE  available in PDF & Epub is an ebook written by RICK YANCEY. Rick Yancey has spun a great story by the launch of The 5th Wave. Within years of the publication, it has achieved a cult classic status and book is already taken into a motion picture form. Although the movie adaptation did not fare well, that is no measure of the success of the novel. The 5th Wave is set in the near future when the world is being invaded by an alien race simply called as the others. The aliens attack in successive waves. In the first wave, an electromagnetic pulse takes out all the electronic and electrical devices of the earth making it literally powerless. In the second wave, they cause disasters like an earthquake which triggers volcanic activity and tsunamis. In the third wave, they propagate avian flu and take out the remaining population and render the other week. In the fourth wave, they secretly send out their troops who assimilate the human form. Finally, the fifth wave is what it takes for them to understand what humans are and for humans to find themselves again.


Cassie, the protagonist loses her mother in the third wave and she is separated from her brother in the fourth wave. Sometime later, when she regains consciousness, she finds herself in the care of one Evan Walker. Although Evan is protective of her, she is quick to find him for what he is, a member of the others. However, Walker accepts the truth and also tells her that he means only goodwill to her and he warns her of the potential dangers that she will face in other others, who are now in the human form. Set out to find her brother, she understands what the 5th wave is all about. Brainwashed and motivated to kill the others, human children are exterminating people of their own kind. Finally, with the help of the captured young combatants, Cassie is able to ward off the rest of the others.


Rick Yancey has pulled a Goldie with this book and as the story turns out, it is only the first installment of a thrilling story that has three parts. This science fiction can send chilling shivers down your spine when you think about the possibilities of things that can happen to us. It makes you understand, how powerless we are, as a species in this vast universe. Download The 5th Wave EPUB and enjoy your weekend. It will keep you hooked to it.

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